Frequently Asked Questions


What Argentina´s regulations requires to jump into argentinian territory?

Argentina is a FAI Member and in such condition accept a FAI International Certificate of Proficiency issued under International Parachuting Comission as a proof of Skydiving skills.

It´s necessary any other documentation?

Yes, you also need an updated and signed logbook and a valid ID document (i.e. Passport).

It´s requiered any kind of Medical Certificate?

Only if such certification is mandatory in the country that issued the Certificate of Proficiency.

If I haven't an FAI International Certificate of Proficiency, may I jump in Argentina?

Only as a passenger in a tandem jump. Without an International acreditation that you have received skydiving trainning and a logbook that show your skydiving experience as a parachutist you can´t be envolved in skydiving jumps, unless tandem jumps as a passenger.

Delegados Zonales

May I make B.A.S.E. jumps in Argentina?

B.A.S.E., are not regulated by Argentina´s laws and the Federación Argentina de Paracaidismo not recognize such activity as part of Sport Parachuting, thus B.A.S.E. jumps are executed only under Jumper own responsability.


Which maintenance is mandatory for Parachuting rigs?


Argentina´s regs states that all parachuting systems must be packed and maintened under manufacturer instructions and reserve parachutes have a packing cycle of 180 days..



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